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Public SLB instance

Last updated:2021-05-26 16:59:41

A public Server Load Balancing (SLB) instance receives client requests from the Internet, and distributes the requests to the backend servers that are bound to listeners. You can configure multiple listeners for a public SLB instance to forward different types of requests.

Requirements and features

A public SLB instance must be bound to an elastic IP address (EIP). It receives and forwards requests such as HTTP, HTTPS, and TCP requests from clients, and supports all SLB features such as session persistence and health check.


  • A server cluster is deployed to provide Internet-facing services, and a uniform entry is required. Additionally, client requests from the Internet must be properly distributed to the server cluster.
  • Fault tolerance and recovery are required on the server cluster.

In the preceding scenarios, we recommend that you use a public SLB instance.

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