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Kingsoft KS3 Service Level Agreement

Last updated:2020-12-06 16:47:51

This Kingsoft Cloud International Website Kingsoft KS3 Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) applies to your purchase and use of the Kingsoft Cloud International Website KS3 (“Service”) and your use of the Service is subjected to the terms and conditions of the Kingsoft Cloud International Website Agreement of Kingsoft Cloud Service between the relevant Kingsoft Cloud entity described in the Agreement of Kingsoft Cloud Service( “us”, or “we”) and you. This SLA only applies to your purchase and use of the Services for a fee, and shall not apply to any free Services or trial Services provided by us.


1.1Service availability
Service Cycle: One service Cycle equals to one calendar month.
Failure request: Error request times are generated (return error code: 5XX) because of Kingsoft Cloud Standard Storage server error, excluding the request in the following types:
(1)The request exceeds the stipulated quota of Kingsoft Cloud Standard Storage and is restricted by Kingsoft Cloud Standard Storage for error request (request of HTTP status code 429) because of the adoption of improper access pattern;
(2) Mirroring back-to-origin services (including redirection and synchronization), cross-region replication and lifecycle management and other back-end asynchronous processing failed requests;
(3)Error request or service unavailability of reasonable upgrade, alteration and shutdown initiated by Kingsoft Cloud Standard storage service;
(4)The request is restricted by Kingsoft Cloud Standard Storage due to users’ applications attacked by hackers.
Valid request: The request received by Kingsoft Cloud Standard Storage server end is regarded as valid one while excluding: Mirroring back-to-origin services (including redirection and synchronization), cross-regional replication and lifecycle management, and other asynchronous back-end requests that are processed asynchronously, and requests initiated by hackers attacking the customer's application.
Error rate per five minutes: Set every five minutes as unit based on region and storage type to calculate in the following methods:
Error rate per five minutes = (failed request times every five minutes/ valid request times every five minutes) 100%.
Calculation methods of service availability: Kingsoft Cloud Standard Storage counts corresponding service availability grounded on different types of storage. The specific calculation methods are as follows:
Availability = (1 – Total error rate of every five minutes within the service cycle / the quantity of five minutes within the service cycle) 100%.
Service availability standard: Standard storage provides 99.95% availability, low-frequency storage provides 99.9% availability, and archive storage provides 99% availability.
1.2Data destructibility
Users understand and accept that Kingsoft Cloud will delete data immediately and the data cannot be restored for data that is deleted actively by users; They also understand and accept that data clearance work will be carried out when the whole server or the fault hard disk of Kingsoft Cloud Standard Storage removed from shelves and relevant data cannot be restored. Data will be deleted at the time of device breakdown by low cost through dividing the blank disk into cylinder and track, and then dividing the track into multiple sectors, each of which is also divided into sections of ID, GAP and DATA for data eliminating.
1.3Data portability
Data that stored by users in Kingsoft Cloud Standard Storage can be uploaded and downloaded through API or by SDK or tools that integrate relevant interfaces. Data portability is achieved through public upload and download and HTTP protocol in the need of users’ active trigger specifically.
1.4Data privacy
Kingsoft Cloud pledges that users’ data kept in Kingsoft Cloud Standard Storage will be mutually isolated based on users’ dimension, and no one has access to their data without legal authorization. Users are identified by Access Key and Secret Key at present, both of which are combined with users, and users’ access space can only be reached by their own authorization under the private permission. Access Key and Secret Key have ensured that multiple users remain invisible under the same physical resources pool.
1.5Right to know data
Kingsoft Cloud pledges that all users’ data won’t be provided to any third party unless required by the government departments for supervision and auditing. While users are applying for Kingsoft Cloud service, Kingsoft Cloud must select corresponding data center based on geographic location. All users’ data in China’s data center of Kingsoft Cloud won’t be stored in foreign data centers or used for foreign businesses or data analysis. Users’ data shall be stored in accordance with Chinese laws and regulations and any contents related to terrorism, violence and unhealthy shall be prohibited. All data uploaded by users shall be owned by themselves and only they have access to it in the case of no public access.
1.6Data auditability
Kingsoft Cloud won’t publish, edit or release users’ personal information or non-public content stored in Kingsoft Cloud Standard Storage without the authorization of users except the following situations:
(1)Stipulations by relevant laws and regulations or provisions of legal service program of Kingsoft Cloud Standard Storage;
(2)To secure rights and interests of users and the public in case of emergency;
(3)To secure trademark rights, patent rights and any other lawful rights and interests of Kingsoft Cloud;
(4)In accordance with existing laws and regulations or the needs of government regulatory departments for supervision, safety compliance, audit or evidence collection investigations;
(5)Other conditions that require publicity, editing or disclosure of personal information according to law.
1.7Data endurance
Data in users’ payment time will be persistently preserved. The service less than a month won’t be counted as a cycle and the measurement unit of persistence is based on the file. Data persistence calculation formula: The number of cloud service objects with intact data in each service cycle / (the number of cloud service objects with intact data in each service cycle + the number of cloud server objects with lost data in each service cycle). Kingsoft Cloud Standard Storage ensures that the basic data stored by users adopts the multi-copy strategy and the data persistence is ≥ 99.99999999999%. In another word, for every 100,000,000,000 users’ instances stored files per month, only one instance is at risk of data loss each month.
1.8Service resource allocation
Kingsoft Cloud Standard Storage uses sufficient resources by real-time monitoring to support services and to keep users’ visit from influence. Kingsoft Cloud applies online extension to expand and reduce access bandwidth resources and storage resources, which can be achieved instantaneously without any impact on users’ services.
1.9 Failure restoration
Kingsoft Cloud Standard Storage carries out high-availability hot standby at all levels, which won’t affect users’ access in case of server failure. Moreover, sufficient cold standby resources will be stored in each unit so that the maximum service capacity can be restored quickly by starting cold standby resources in case of failure.

2.Service compensation range

KS3 cannot be used normally due to Kingsoft Cloud Standard Storage fault and the website cannot be accessed normally due to Kingsoft Cloud fault. If KS3 does not reach the above- mentioned availability guarantee, the customer may be compensated according to this agreement, and the compensation scope does not include the unavailable service time caused by
(1)System maintenance made by Kingsoft Cloud with a prior notification to the customer, including cutovers, maintenance, upgrades and simulated failure drills;
(2)Hacker attacks on applications or data information of the customer;
(3)Failures of any network and devices that do not belong to Kingsoft Cloud and configuration adjustments;
(4)Loss or leakage of data, passwords, codes, and so on due to improper maintenance or confidentiality by the customer;
(5)Customer's self-upgrade of the operating system;
(6)Customer's applications or installations;
(7)Negligence of the customer or operation authorized by the customer;
(8)Force majeure or accidents;
(9)Or other service unavailability not caused by Kingsoft Cloud.

3.Service compensation clause

Compensation is made 100 times of unavailable time for each Bucket with fault that users have.
Unavailable hours = Trouble-shooting hours – Fault start hours. Unavailable service hours less than 5 minutes shall not be counted. KS3 unavailable hours don’t include daily system maintenance hours, as well as the unavailable time caused by users, the third party or force majeure. Unavailable time shall be measured in minutes.
Single Bucket monthly compensation amount = average daily fee 10 days before the fault/ 1440 × Unavailable hours × 100. If users didn’t use it for 10 days, the charge would be calculated grounded on the average value of actual hours.
Special statement:
•The compensation is only for users who have produced fees for using KS3 services in the form of monthly deduction of bills without the refund by cash;
•The compensation value shall not exceed the total expenses paid by users for the failed Bucket in the month;
•Users shall timely report the failure to Kingsoft Cloud and apply for compensation within 7 days after the failure. Otherwise, they won’t be compensated provided users fail to submit compensation application or fault declaration as required.


4.1The SLA shall not be applied to non-payment clause together with any performance problem caused by the third-party services (Such as network provider), force majeure (Fire, flood or other force majeure) or developer itself.
4.2 The final interpretation of this agreement shall be subject to Kingsoft Cloud

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