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KSyun Content Delivery Network (CDN) Service Level Agreement

Last updated:2020-12-06 15:58:16

This Kingsoft Cloud International Website KSyun Content Delivery Network (CDN) Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) applies to your purchase and use of the Kingsoft Cloud International Website CDN (“Service”) and your use of the Service is subjected to the terms and conditions of the Kingsoft Cloud International Website Agreement of Kingsoft Cloud Service between the relevant Kingsoft Cloud entity described in the Agreement of Kingsoft Cloud Service( “us”, or “we”) and you. This SLA only applies to your purchase and use of the Services for a fee, and shall not apply to any free Services or trial Services provided by us.

1.Service scope

KSyun Content Delivery Network (CDN) service includes the download acceleration service (page, on-demand, download), and live acceleration service (live broadcast of events and live broadcast of social media). CDN distributes customer’s source site content to the cache node to improve the access experience of the end user.

2.Service level indicators

2.1.Data endurance
CDN provides the cache service. The data stored on the node will be eliminated automatically according to the access frequency, and will not be saved permanently.
2.2.Data erasability
CDN caches files of the customer, and the customer can erase the cached files as needed. After the file is erased, the file cannot be recovered on all nodes of Kingsoft Cloud, and will be re-cached when the end user accesses the resource again.
2.3.Data portability
CDN contains hundreds of cache nodes and relies on intelligent scheduling to allocate node resources dynamically to provide services to the customer. The data is distributed across all service nodes of the customer.
2.4.Data privacy
2.4.1.All nodes of CDN are secured strictly, and the customer data will not be obtained illegally by a third party.
2.4.2.The customer can configure Anti-Leech and access authentication policies as needed, and can control and isolate external access to ensure data privacy.
2.4.3. The customer data, access record, application and behavior logs will not be provided to any third party except as required by relevant laws and regulations or government regulatory authorities.
2.5.Right to know data
2.5.1.At present, the data that CDN caches is distributed on all nodes across the country. Node resources are allocated according to the domain name access of the service. The customer can query the distribution of nodes that use the service domain currently to understand the distribution of cached data.
2.5.2.The data center of CDN will comply with relevant local laws and regulations. Customers have the right to know this and can contact the customer service staff of CDN for detailed information.
2.5.3. The customer data, access record, application and behavior logs will be used for statistical analysis of CDN product operation status, but not for other purpose, and personal information of the customer will not be provided to a third party. All data of the customer's data center in Kingsoft Cloud in China will not be stored in overseas data center, and will not be used for overseas business or data analysis.
2.6.Data auditability
When the customer experiences the security incident or suspects the security hazard exists, or as required by current laws and regulations or to meet the need of the government supervision, security compliance, audit or forensic investigation, etc., Kingsoft Cloud can provide the information about the service used by the customer in accordance with procedures and complete formalities, including the operation log of key components, operation record of the operation and maintenance personnel, and customer operation records.
2.7.Service functions
2.7.1.CDN is applicable for the accelerated distribution of the download acceleration (page, on-demand, download) and live acceleration (live broadcast of events and live broadcast of general entertainment). It supports the billing as per the traffic and bandwidth.
2.7.2.CDN provides the way of configuring the domain name and obtaining various statistical reports via the console and API. For specific functions, refer to the detailed description, technical and help documentation for CDN on the official website.
2.7.3. At sole discretion of Kingsoft Cloud, all faults and functional changes that may affect the customer will be informed to the customer.
2.8.Service resource provisioning capability
The CDN service has no bandwidth and storage restrictions. For the bandwidth of the customer within 100Gbps, it can be scaled dynamically in real time without requiring the customer to request. However, for the expansion of the bandwidth of more than 100Gbps, the customer shall send Kingsoft Cloud a written notice at least 3 working days in advance. If the service availability is affected by the customer's failure to notify in advance, Kingsoft Cloud will not be liable for this.
2.9.Fault recovery capability
CDN provides the network redundancy and equipment redundancy of at least two channels, and can provide the fault tolerance service for sudden network line failure to ensure the service continuity. At the same time, CDN service provides 7x24 operation and maintenance, and provides technical support through the fault reporting via online work order and telephone. It provides a series of fault emergency response mechanisms such as the fault monitoring, automatic alarming, rapid location and fast recovery.
2.10.Network access performance
CDN uses high-quality server rooms as the service nodes to ensure that the network access performance will not be affected due to the bandwidth resource issue and to guarantee the network access quality of the customer through the resource scheduling.
2.11.Service measurement accuracy
The CDN service offers an accurate and transparent measuring and billing system. Kingsoft Cloud will settle the fee according to actual CDN usage of the customer monthly. Specific billing mode and price are subject to the service agreement signed between the customer and Kingsoft Cloud. The customer billing data is retained for at least 3 years by default, and original billing log will be retained for at least 6 months by default.
2.12. Service availability
The service availability shall not be lower than 99.9%.
Service availability calculation formula: Normal service time during the service cycle of the domain name / Total service time during the service cycle of the domain name
Terms and definitions:

Term Definition
Domain name service cycle One Service Cycle equals to one calendar month. If the service is used for less than one calendar month, the Service Cycle will be calculated as one calendar month.
Unavailability time in minutes If the error rate is greater than 0.05% in the unit time (5 minutes as one statistical granularity), the service is deemed unavailable. If the service provided by CDN is unavailable for 10 minutes or more, it is calculated as the unavailability time.
Error rate calculation formula (Number of errors in unit time when the node is available + Number of failed requests due to the node unavailability in unit time) / Total number of requests for the domain name in unit time; Number of errors in unit time when the node is available: 5xx, 403, and 499 errors returned by the domain name due to the reason of CDN system, CDN configuration and equipment downtime in the unit time.Number of failed requests due to the node unavailability in unit time: when a node is unavailable, the number of failed requests caused by the node unavailability in the unit time is calculated by calculating average number of requests for the customer domain name at this node in the unit time within the first 7 days, and then multiplying average value by the node unavailability time in the unit time.

The following errors will not be counted
5xx error due to back-to-source error;
Error caused by the domain name blocking due to illegal content or other reasons;
Error caused by the customer, third party or force majeure.

3.Service compensation clause

3.1.Compensation scope
For the unavailability of the CDN service purchased by the customer caused by the equipment failure, design defect or improper operation of Kingsoft Cloud, Kingsoft Cloud will compensate for the unavailability time, but the compensation will not include the service unavailability time caused by the following reasons:
System maintenance made by Kingsoft Cloud with a prior notification to the customer, including cutovers, maintenance, upgrades and simulated failure drills;
Failures of any network, equipment that do not belong to Kingsoft Cloud and configuration adjustments;
Failures caused by the customer or third party;
Force majeure or accidents;
Or other service unavailability not caused by Kingsoft Cloud.
3.2. Compensation plan
If the service availability does not reach the service level promise, Kingsoft Cloud will compensate customers for the unavailable time on 10-fold basis.
Failure unavailability time = Failure resolution time - Failure occurred time, the unavailability time will be calculated in minutes;
Amount of compensation = Average cost per minute of the domain name in the month of the failure occurrence × Failure unavailability time × 10 times;
Special statement:
The compensation is only for users who have produced fees for using CDN services in the form of monthly deduction of bills without the refund by cash;
The compensation value shall not exceed the total expenses paid by users for the failed domain name in the month;
Users shall timely report the failure to Kingsoft Cloud and apply for compensation within 7 days after the event that the service availability is not reached. Otherwise, they won’t be compensated provided users fail to submit compensation application or fault declaration as required.


Kingsoft Cloud reserves its rights to modify the clauses of this SLA. Kingsoft Cloud will notify you 30 days in advance by website publicity or email if there are any changes to SLA clauses. If you do not agree with the modifications that Kingsoft Cloud made to SLA, you have rights to abandon the use of CDN. Your continued use of the service shall be deemed as your acceptance of the amended SLA.

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