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Ksyun Elastic Compute Cloud Server (KEC) Service Level Agreement

Last updated:2020-12-06 16:19:35

This Kingsoft Cloud International Website Ksyun Elastic Compute Cloud Server (KEC) Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) applies to your purchase and use of the Kingsoft Cloud International Website KEC (“Service”) and your use of the Service is subjected to the terms and conditions of the Kingsoft Cloud International Website Agreement of Kingsoft Cloud Service between the relevant Kingsoft Cloud entity described in the Agreement of Kingsoft Cloud Service( “us”, or “we”) and you. This SLA only applies to your purchase and use of the Services for a fee, and shall not apply to any free Services or trial Services provided by us.


Service Cycle: One service cycle equals to one calendar month, when the service is used for less than one calendar month, the service cycle will be calculated as one calendar month.
Instance Service Cycle in Minutes: Calculated on the basis of the total number of days in a service cycle ╳ 24 (hours) ╳ 60 (minutes).
One Region Service Cycle in minutes: The total number of minutes of instance service circle for all available zones in one region.
Instance Unavailability: The KEC instance is deemed unavailable if the disconnection between an KEC instance configured with access permitted rules and any IP address over TCP or UDP in the inbound and outbound directions lasts for more than 5 minutes.
Instance Service Downtime in Minutes: The total number of minutes in one calendar month during which time a single KEC is Instance Unavailable.
Multi-zone Service Unavailable: When a user has deployed KEC instances in at least two zones in one region, (hereinafter referred to as multi-zone in one region,), and any zone experiences Instance Unavailable for all KEC instances, and any KEC instance in any other zones in the same region also experiences Instance Unavailable(hereinafter referred to as: Instance Unavailability in other zones in the same region), then such Instance Unavailable in Other Zone(s) is called the instance(s) encounter Multi-zone Service Unavailable.
Multi-zone Service Downtime in Minutes: In one service cycle, the total number of minutes for all KEC instances experience Multi-zone Service Unavailability in all other zones of one region.

2.Service Availability Guarantee

2.1The service availability of KEC shall be counted according to the service cycle based on two dimensions. The specific availability guarantee and calculation formula are as follows:
(1)Single KEC instance: The service availability of a single KEC instance in one service circle should be no lower than 99.95%.
Service availability calculation formula: (Instance Service Cycle in Minutes - Instance Service Downtime in Minutes) / Instance Service Cycle in Minutes 100%.
(2)Multi-zone Service of one Region: The service availability of Multi-zone in one one region in one service circle should be no lower than 99.99%. Service availability calculation formula: (One Region Service Cycle in minutes - Multi-zone Service Downtime in minutes) / One Region Service Cycle in minutes 100%.
2.2 If the KEC service does not reach the above-mentioned availability guarantee, the customer may be compensated according to this agreement, and the compensation scope does not include the unavailable service time caused by
(1)System maintenance made by Ksyun with a prior written notification to the customer, including cutovers, maintenance, upgrades and simulated failure drills;
(2)Failures of any network, equipments that do not belong to Ksyun and configuration adjustments;
(3)Hacker attacks on applications or data information of the customer;
(4)Loss or leakage of data, passwords, codes, and so on due to improper maintenance or confidentiality by the customer;
(5)Customer's self-upgrade of the operating system, including failure to observe the product usage documentation or usage suggestions of Ksyun;
(6) Any start-up dependence on local direct-attached disk (including the local direct-attached disk of I/O Optimized I4 and Big Date D4)and data stored herein, which data is removed due to system failure;
(7)Customer's applications or installations;
(8)Negligence of the customer or operation authorized by the customer;
(9)Service interruption caused by the server setting or user program installation conducted by the telecom operator(s) for resolving the decrease in the speed of accessing to the backbone line of the telecom operator(s) for any casual blocking of such backbone line;
(10)Service interruption caused by measures taken according to the regulatory requirements of the competent government department;
(11) Service suspension or termination due to the customer's violation of the Ksyun Elastic Compute Cloud Server KEC Service Agreement including but not limited to the release of the auction instance because the customer's bid is lower than the delivery price; the KEC instance is suspended or released due to arrears, etc.;
(12)Force majeure or accidents;
(13)Or other service unavailability not caused by Ksyun.

3.Compensation Scheme

If the availability of KEC service does not reach the service level in this agreement, Ksyun will compensate customers for the unavailable time per instance in a service cycle on 100-fold basis of the monthly service fee.
Ksyun compensates by granting balance or vouchers, the granted balance or vouchers are used only to purchase KEC products. The compensation will not exceed the monthly service fee(excluding the deductible part by granting balance or vouchers).paid by the customer for this KEC instance in the current month.
Customers may apply for compensation for an instance that failed to achive availability last month after the fifth business day of each month. The application for compensation should be raised in two (2) months after the month in which the KEC instance unavailablity happened. No application for compensation will be accepted if the application exceeds the time limit.


Ksyun reserves its rights to modify the clauses of this SLA clauses. Ksyun will notify the customer 30 days in advance by website publicity, SMS or email if there are any changes to SLA clauses. If customers do not agree with the modifications that Ksyun made to SLA, they have rights to abandon the use of KEC service .Your continued use of the service shall be deemed as your acceptance of the amended SLA.

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