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Kingsoft Map Reduce KMR Service Level Agreement

Last updated:2020-11-29 19:12:46

This Kingsoft Cloud International Website Kingsoft Map Reduce(KMR)Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) applies to your purchase and use of the Kingsoft Cloud International Website KMR (“Service”) and your use of the Service is subjected to the terms and conditions of the Kingsoft Cloud International Website Agreement of Kingsoft Cloud Service between the relevant Kingsoft Cloud entity described in the Agreement of Kingsoft Cloud Service( “us”, or “we”) and you. This SLA only applies to your purchase and use of the Services for a fee, and shall not apply to any free Services or trial Services provided by us.

Service Cycle: One service Cycle equals to one calendar month.
Service Cycle in Minutes: Calculated on the basis of the total number of days in a Service Cycle × 24 (hours) × 60 (minutes).
Service Downtime in Minutes in Service Cycle: It will be deemed as KMR cluster service unavailable if all users’ writing or inquiry operating to the specific KMR cluster are failed. In a service period, the total unavailable minutes of KMR cluster (no superposition of different operations in a same minute) is namely the unavailable minutes in the service period.
Monthly Service Fee: It refers to the total service fee you pay for a single KMR cluster by in a calendar month. If a single payment includes service fees for several months, the Monthly Service Fee is calculated in shares according to the months purchased.
Calculation of Service Availability: The formula of the service availability with single cluster as its dimensionality is as follow:
Service Availability = (Service Cycle in Minutes - Service Downtime) / Service Cycle in Minutes × 100%

II.Service Availability Guarantee
Service availability will be no less than 99.9%.
If the KMR service does not reach the above-mentioned availability guarantee, you may be compensated according to this agreement, and the compensation scope does not include the unavailable service time caused by
(1)The unavailability caused by frequent data reading, writing and changing operations when the storing and computing capability selected by customers is insufficient, accompanying with high usage rate of CPU, high load of memory, and overfilled disk occupation (the said values shall all be remained under 60%).
(2)The time consumed when the KMR cluster is restarting for cluster changing and forcibly restarting.
(3)The data will be erased if the local disk is down, and the unavailability caused by taking the local disk and its data as the booting dependency.
(4)Fault like failed data demand caused by the potential and undisclosed bugs existing in the underlying components of Map Reduce.
(5)System maintenance made by Kingsoft Cloud with a prior notification to you, including cutovers, repair, and upgrade.
(6)Mistakes caused by not using it properly following the use instructions, compatibility and API, etc. supported by the KMR version.
(7)Faults caused by customers’ negligent authorization, loss of password, faulty operation, self-owned equipment or third-party software and equipment.
(8)Faults caused by any event of force majeure, such as access to the Internet or it is beyond the boundary of this service product.
(9)The unavailability caused by hacker’s attack on the applications.
(10)The unavailability caused by manual configuration or operation that does not comply with the instructive documentation or usage suggestions of Kingsoft Cloud product.

Ⅲ. Compensation Plan
If the availability of KMR service has not reach the service level in this agreement, Kingsoft Cloud will compensate you by granting balance or vouchers. The granted balance or vouchers are used only to purchase the KMR service. The compensation will not exceed the monthly service fee (excluding the deductible part by granting balance or vouchers) paid by you for the KMR service. The detailed standard of compensation is as shown in the table below:

Service Availability Compensation by granting balance or vouchers
Lower than 99.9%, but equal to or higher than 99% 10% of the Monthly Service Fee
Lower than 99%, but equal to or higher than 95% 25% of the Monthly Service Fee
Lower than 95% 100% of the Monthly Service Fee

Ⅳ. Miscellaneous
Kingsoft Cloud reserves its rights to modify the clauses of this SLA clauses. Kingsoft Cloud will notify you 30 days in advance by website publicity or email if there are any changes to SLA clauses. If you do not agree with the modifications that Kingsoft Cloud made to SLA, you have rights to abandon the use of KMR. Your continued use of the service shall be deemed as your acceptance of the amended SLA.

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