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Kingsoft Cloud Server Load Balancing Service Level Agreement

Last updated:2020-11-29 19:57:25

This Kingsoft Cloud International Website Server Load Balancing(SLB) Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) applies to your purchase and use of the Kingsoft Cloud International Website SLB (“Service”) and your use of the Service is subjected to the terms and conditions of the Kingsoft Cloud International Website Agreement of Kingsoft Cloud Service between the relevant Kingsoft Cloud entity described in the Agreement of Kingsoft Cloud Service( “us”, or “we”) and you. This SLA only applies to your purchase and use of the Services for a fee, and shall not apply to any free Services or trial Services provided by us.

1.Service level indicators
1.1 Service functions
The Server Load Balancing (SLB) service provided by Kingsoft Cloud includes such basic functions as the user purchase, port configuration, health check and session maintenance, and provides advanced functions such as self-service management, self-repair of failures and anti-network attack. It is suitable for various user scenarios, such as the corporate office, community, e-commerce, games and more. For details, please refer to the function description and user manual document on official website of Kingsoft Cloud.
Each function change that affects the use of the user will be notified to the user through the announcement.
1.2 Service availability
(1)The SLB service promises the service availability of 99.99%, that is, unavailable time of the SLB service does not exceed 30 days × 24 hours × 60 minutes × 0.01% = 4.32 minutes each month, which is also applicable to Layer 4/7 load balancer.
(2)When the backend cloud server of SLB fails, the SLB will remove this host automatically and other cloud servers will take over the traffic of this server. Such failure does not fall within the scope of SLB failure statistics.
(3)If the normal recovery time of the service failure is less than 5 minutes, it will not be counted in the calculation of the service unavailability. Unavailable time refers to the time in minutes from the start of the service failure to the time when it is recovered to normal use, including the maintenance, and if the time is less than one minute, it will be calculated as one minute.
(4)Service availability calculation formula: Actual availability of the instance = (Total time - Actual unavailable time) / Total time × 100%.
(5) The SLB service provides the load balancing service for the instance through clusters. When a server in the load balancing system cluster fails, other servers will take over the work of the failed server, which will affect only the traffic of some users. Therefore, actual unavailable time should be calculated according to the percentage of the traffic on the failed server in total traffic of the cluster.
1.3 Network access capability
Maximum bandwidth of public network for SLB purchased by the user is determined by the bandwidth of EIP bound, and it is irrelative to the bandwidth of the cloud server associated with the user. No upper limit may be set as needed for the egress bandwidth of the public network. The SLB network egress uses self-built BGP (including China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile) for multi-line access, with a total bandwidth of hundreds of Gigabytes, which ensures the network access quality of the user.
1.4 SLB load distribution capability
Kingsoft Cloud SLB is implemented through the cluster. It provides elastic scalability, and the capacity can be expanded automatically based on the business scale of the user. The users can implement elastic capacity scheduling by increasing or decreasing the number of cloud servers and bandwidth associated with SLB in accordance with the business scale.
At present, we have deployed 6 clusters in each region to provide the support. The throughput of the smallest cluster is 40Gbps, the number of new connections per second is 6 million, maximum number of concurrent connections is 100 million, maximum support bandwidth throughput is 120Gbps, the number of new connections per second is 18 million, and the number of concurrent connections is 800 million; the speed of smooth scaling down of cluster capacity is in seconds, and smooth capacity scaling up is completed within 10 minutes.
1.5 Fault recovery capability
Kingsoft Cloud provides 7 × 24 operation and maintenance for the cloud service of paid users, and provides technical support through the fault reporting via online work order and telephone. It provides a series of fault emergency response mechanisms such as the fault monitoring, automatic alarming, rapid location and fast recovery. Kingsoft Cloud SLB implements hot backup and cluster deployment along full path of switches, routers, servers, etc., to restore the service quickly in case of single point of failure.
1.6 Data auditability
In accordance with existing laws and regulations, Kingsoft Cloud can provide SLB information in compliance with complete procedures and formalities to cooperate with the supervision or the security evidence investigation of the regulatory department, including the operation log of key components, operation record of the operation and maintenance personnel, and customer operation records.
1.7 Right to know data
Kingsoft Cloud SLB traffic logs are stored in the data center where the user chooses to deploy the SLB service. By default, Kingsoft Cloud only retains the data for 3 months, and the user can choose to pay to keep 3 backups permanently.
Except for laws and regulations as well as regulatory supervision and audit need of regulatory agencies, all user data will not be provided to any third party. All user data will not be stored in foreign data centers or used for foreign business or data analysis.
SLB traffic logs and user behavior logs will be used for the user business monitoring and alarming, and personal information of the user will not be presented.
1.8 Service compensation clause
1.8.1 Compensation scope
For the unavailability of the SLB service purchased by the customer caused by the equipment failure, design defect or improper operation of Kingsoft Cloud, Kingsoft Cloud will compensate for the unavailability time, but the compensation will not include the service unavailability time caused by the following reasons:
(1)Kingsoft Cloud SLB meets the requirement of developers;
(2)Kingsoft Cloud SLB is not interfered, and is timely, secure, reliable or error-free;
(3)System maintenance made by Kingsoft Cloud with a prior notification to the user, including cutovers, maintenance, upgrades and simulated failure drills;
(4)Failures of any network, equipment that do not belong to Kingsoft Cloud and configuration adjustments;
(5)Hacker attacks on applications or data information of the user;
(6)Loss or leakage of data, passwords, codes, and so on due to improper maintenance or confidentiality by the user;
(7)User's self-upgrade of the operating system;
(8)User's applications or installations;
(9)Negligence of the user or operation authorized by the user;
(10)Service interruption caused by the server setting or user program installation conducted by the telecom operator(s) for resolving the decrease in the speed of accessing to the backbone line of the telecom operator(s) for any casual blocking of such backbone line;
(11)Service interruption caused by measures taken according to the regulatory requirements of the competent government department;
(12)Force majeure or accidents; such as objective events that cannot be foreseen, cannot be overcome, cannot be avoided, and have a significant impact on one or both parties, including but not limited to natural disaster such as flood, earthquake, epidemic, and social events such as war and turmoil;
(13)Or other service unavailability not caused by Kingsoft Cloud.
1.8.2 Compensation plan
The following compensation plan is for paid services only, and free services are not covered by the compensation plan. For the scope of paid services, refer to the announcement on official website of Kingsoft Cloud.
(1)Failure time = Failure resolution time - Failure occurred time. The unavailability time will be calculated in minutes. If the unavailability time is less than 1 minutes, it will be calculated as 1 minute. For example, if the unavailability time is 1 minute and 01 second, it will be calculated as 2 minutes;
(2)The compensation is limited to the service duration of the faulty SLB instance without the refund with vouchers or by cash;
(3)The compensation value shall not exceed the total expenses paid by users for the SLB instance.

Kingsoft Cloud reserves its rights to adjust some service indicators in this service level agreement from time to time according to changes, and publish the announcement or send the email or written notice to the user promptly to remind the modification on official website Kingsoft Cloud at

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