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Purchase a certificate

Last updated:2021-03-15 15:36:49

This document describes how to purchase a Kingsoft Cloud SSL certificate.


You have obtained the account and password to log in to the Kingsoft Cloud console.


  1. Log in to the KCM console.
  2. On the KCM > Certificate Request page, click Buy Now.
  3. On the Buy Certificate page, select the certificate brand, level, and name, and enter the name of the primary domain.


    If a domain name contains the following fields, you cannot apply for a Symantec DV certificate: live (excluding the top level domain name .live), bank, banc, ban.c, alpha, test, example, credit, private/public IP address, hostname, pw (including the top level domain name .pw), apple, ebay, trust, root, amazon, android, visa, google, discover, financial, wordpress, discover, and pal.

  4. Select the billing mode and then click Buy Now. Note that the One-Time Fee Postpaid billing mode requires corresponding permission.
  5. On the Confirm Order page, confirm the order information and then click Submit Order.
  6. On the Pay page, click Confirm to complete the payment.
  7. After successful payment, the service status will be Creating.
  8. Click Back to Console. The purchased certificate appears in the certificate list.

To use the purchased certificate, you must supply required personal or organization information. You also need to complete ownership verification. For more information, see Quick Start.

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