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How can I deal with errors reported by Chrome 53 and Chrome 54?

Last updated:2024-03-15 16:28:21

Recently, some users have reported that a warning will pop up when using the Chrome browser to access websites configured with Symantec and GeoTrust certificates.

Certificate problems might occur when an Android phone APP uses WebView to call the kernel of Chrome 53 or Chrome 54. Symantec has contacted domestic mobile phone manufacturers and pushed them to update WebView to an unaffected version.

Symantec and Google engineers say that Chrome 53 and Chrome 54 have bugs. Not all certificates issued by Symantec after June 1, 2016 have been added to the certificate transparency list. In fact, certificate transparency audit records have been published for these certificates.

Google has issued an official statement about this problem to admit the existence of the Chrome bugs, and completely repaired this problem in Chrome 53 and Chrome 54. Google has released a background patch to help foreign users solve this problem. Domestic users who use their own Web browsers cannot obtain the patch due to policy reasons. It is recommended to change the Web browser.

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