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Certificate types

Last updated:2021-03-15 15:38:01

By brand

The following table lists the certificate brands supported by KCM, including Symantec, GeoTrust, Setigo, and GlobalSign.

Name Description
Symantec Symantec is a leading SSL certificate authority. It provides security protection services for over one million network servers around the world. Currently, Symantec CA is part of DigiCert.
GeoTrust GeoTrust is the second leading digital certificate authority in the world. It serves more than 100,000 customers in over 150 countries.
Sectigo Sectigo is the world's well-known SSL certificate authority, providing cost-effective certificates.
GlobalSign GlobalSign is one of the world's earliest digital certificate authorities, and is a trusted CA and SSL certificate provider.

By authentication level

Name Description Benefits Required materials Review duration Application scenarios
Domain validated (DV) certificate Simple SSL certificate, which supports only encrypted data transmission. It does not support server authenticity verification. Inexpensive, easy and fast to apply for Requires only simple personal information. 1 to 3 business days Personal websites
Organization validated (OV) certificate Standard SSL certificate, which supports both encrypted data transmission and server authenticity verification. High security, rigorous verification Organization, contact, and business license information 2 to 5 business days E-commerce, education, and game websites
Extended validation (EV) certificate SSL certificate that conforms to the global uniform identity authentication standards. EV certificates are currently the highest level SSL certificates. After you install an EV certificate, the web browser address bar will become green and display the company name. Organization, contact, and business license information 7 to 10 business days Finance, payment, and online bank websites

The following figure shows the sample web browser address bar after an EV certificate is installed.

By the number of domain names

Name Description
Single-domain certificate Supports binding one domain name.
Multi-domain certificate Supports binding multiple domain names.
Wildcard domain certificate Supports binding wildcard domain names, for example, * The certificate can protect an unlimited number of domain names of the same level, which is not the same scope as that of a wildcard domain.
Multi-domain and multi-wildcard domain certificate Supports binding multiple domain names and, additionally, multiple wildcard domain names. At least one primary domain name is required.

About the wildcard

A wildcard domain certificate for * can be used for the following domains:

A wildcard certificate covers only subdomains of the same level. The wildcard asterisk (*) does not match all subdomains. For example, the previously mentioned certificate does not cover the following domain name:
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