Private SLB instance

Last updated:2021-05-26 16:59:53

A private SLB instance can be accessed only from the Kingsoft Cloud internal network. It does not have a public IP address and cannot be accessed from the Internet. A private SLB instance uses the assigned virtual IP address (VIP) to distribute requests from clients that can access SLB instances over the internal network to the cluster of backend servers.

If an application must support both Internet access and internal access, you can build an architecture that uses a private SLB instance and a public SLB instance. For example, if an application uses Internet-facing web servers and internal database servers, you can add the web servers to the public SLB instance and add the database servers to the private SLB instance. The public SLB instance receives requests from the Internet, distributes the requests to the backend web servers, and forwards the requests that are destined for the database servers to the private SLB instance. The private SLB instance then routes the received requests to the database servers.


A private SLB instance supports load balancing at Layer 4 and Layer 7, health check, and session persistence.


  • Multiple Kingsoft Cloud internal servers are used, and load balancing is required among the servers.
  • Fault tolerance and recovery are required on the internal server cluster.
  • The service provider wants to hide its physical IP address and provide transparent services.

In the preceding scenarios, we recommend that you use a private SLB instance.


A private SLB instance is free of charge.

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