Last updated:2021-05-26 16:59:41

Basic forwarding services

SLB provides Internet-facing and internal-facing services at Layer 4 (TCP and UDP) and Layer 7 (HTTP and HTTPS).

Flexible EIP binding or unbinding

You can bind an elastic IP address (EIP) to an SLB instance and unbind it as needed. This improves flexibility and service availability.

Health check

SLB checks the health of backend servers in your distributed cluster based on your configurations. Unhealthy servers are automatically isolated.

Session persistence

SLB supports session persistence for both TCP and HTTP. This feature distributes all requests from a client to the same backend server.

Support for HTTPS

SLB supports HTTPS and allows you to manage HTTPS certificates in a centralized manner. This meets your diversified requirements for reliable, fast, and secure data transmission.

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