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Term Description
Redis The open source key-value store that supports versatile data types.
instance The basic unit in which KCS provides services to users. KCS instances with different memory capacities provide different bandwidth and CPU capabilities. KCS instances are classified into primary/secondary instances and cluster instances.
primary/secondary instance A primary/secondary instance consists of a primary node and a secondary node. In a primary/secondary instance, the data volume is limited by the memory capacity of the physical machines. Primary/secondary instances can satisfy the performance and capacity requirements of the majority of users.
cluster instance A cluster instance can offer a large memory capacity and great performance. However, a cluster instance does not support all Redis commands.
security group The group of security rules that control access to KCS.
parameter modification The list of parameters that you can modify and the value of the parameters. You can modify parameters but not add or delete parameters.
VPC The virtual private cloud that can help ensure data security by controlling the source of connections.
endpoint subnet The subnet that can be used to establish private connections between a VPC and other Kingsoft Cloud services, such as KRDS and Kingsoft Cloud Standard Storage Service (KS3). This way, the Kingsoft Cloud services can access the VPC without using the Internet or the Network Address Translation (NAT) service.

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