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KCS can be used as a caching system. A caching system provides access to data stored in memory. The caching system is deployed between applications and a disk storage system. The caching system can be used to address the performance bottleneck of a business system caused by the inefficient random access of disks.

Applications read data from and write data to the caching system. Data is synchronized between the caching system and the disk storage system synchronously or asynchronously. When the data requested by an application is not found in the caching system, the caching system accesses the disk storage system to retrieve the data and update the cache.

Caching systems are widely used in I/O-intensive applications, such as games, social media, and portal websites, and computing-intensive applications, such as data analysis and data mining. KCS provides an industry-leading in-memory caching system that can perfectly address the requirements of these scenarios. You can use KCS as a beneficial supplement to Kingsoft Cloud Relational Database Service (KRDS).

Key-value store

KCS can be used as a key-value store. A key-value store is a type of NoSQL database. Unlike traditional relational databases that are characterized by transaction support, strong consistency, and relational models, a key-value store diminishes the support for these features and uses simple data models to achieve better scalability, performance, and reliability. key-value stores are more suitable than relational databases in some scenarios.

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