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KCS is a service that combines caching and storage. KCS not only retains all the benefits of Redis, but also provides special features to help you reduce the use and management cost.

Data persistence

KCS supports on-disk data persistence to ensure data reliability. When data is written to disks, KCS can still provide services for users.

Two instance types

  • Primary/Secondary: A primary/secondary instance is fully compatible with the Redis protocol, and is suitable for scenarios where the data volume is controllable and a high compatibility with Redis is required. A primary/secondary instance consists of a primary node and a secondary node that work in hot standby mode. When the primary node encounters a fault, the service is automatically switched to the secondary node to ensure high availability.
  • Cluster: A cluster instance stores data in shards, and is suitable for scenarios where the data volume is large and grows rapidly.

Self-service parameter modification

You can modify a variety of Redis parameters in the KCS console to customize your service. For more information, see Modify parameters.

Smooth scaling

You can change the memory capacity of your KCS instances as required in the KCS console without the need to stop the instances. The scaling process does not affect your business.

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