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Last updated:2020-12-24 15:31:52

After you activate Cloud Monitor Service, you can check the operational status and monitoring metrics of your cloud services, and set alarm rules on the metrics in the Cloud Monitor Service console.

Monitor cloud service resources

Cloud Monitor Service provides free cloud resource monitoring service for you.

  • Automatically collects accurate basic monitoring metric data in near real time and store the data.

  • The Products and Custom Dashboard modules allow you to customize various charts to display metrics of cloud services, and to configure alarms. The monitoring data can also be pulled through the Cloud Monitor Service console and API for further use and analysis.

Monitoring metric data of most cloud services can be automatically collected and displayed, eliminating the need of manual monitoring configuration.

For some cloud services, you must install and run the Cloud Monitor Service agent to collect the monitoring data of them. You can install the agent for such cloud services after service resources are purchased.

Provide an alarm service

Cloud Monitor Service provides a personalized alarm service.

  • Based on existing monitoring metric data, you can configure an alarm policy for cloud resources and custom metrics.

  • You can configure the phone number, email address, and callback URL options to receive alarm messages through different channels in a timely manner.

Multi-dimensional chart presentation

Cloud Monitor Service allows you to view existing monitoring data in various custom charts.

  • In the Products module, you can view the monitoring data of cloud resources. By default, the latest data is displayed in curves.

  • In the Custom Dashboard module, you can subscribe to key metrics and customize the presentation and calculation rules of the metrics. Metric data can be compared in lists and charts, which can help troubleshoot exceptions and analyze failures.

  • In the Alarm Policy module, you can view the alarm policies set for all cloud services under your account.

Monitor custom data

Cloud Monitor Service allows you to create custom monitoring metrics. Currently, the custom monitoring function is supported only in Beijing and Russia regions.

  • You can upload custom metrics (such as data generated by applications) to Cloud Monitor Service for real-time calculation and storage. Additionally, frontend display and alarms in addition to basic metrics can help you analyze faults and predict trends.
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