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View a custom dashboard

Last updated:2020-06-16 19:51:47

View the monitoring data

  1. On the custom dashboard list, click the name or Number of Graphs of the target dashboard.

    The custom dashboard page appears.

  2. Hover over a line chart to view monitoring data. Data of the selected time point will be displayed simultaneously on all graphs in the dashboard.


  3. Drag the line chart to zoom in and view the fine granularity of the monitoring data.
  4. Drag the slider in the lower right corner of the line chart to adjust the size, or you can adjust the position of the graph in the dashboard.


  5. Click the Full Screen icon in the upper right corner of the dashboard to view the monitoring data in a full screen.


Adjust the refresh frequency

To adjust the refresh frequency of the monitoring data, click the buttons above the graphs or select Auto Refresh.

To manually refresh the monitoring data, click the Refresh button in the upper right corner of the dashboard.


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