Custom Monitor

Last updated:2020-12-24 17:45:45

Custom monitor allows you to define monitoring items and alarm rules easily. You can collect your own business metrics and report them to Cloud Monitor Service for data processing and generating alarms based on defined rules.

Currently, custom monitor is supported in Beijing and Russia regions.


  1. Report the monitoring data. Custom monitor provides an interface to report the sequential monitoring data to Cloud Monitor and you can receive alarm notifications by setting alarm rules.

  2. Query the monitoring data. Custom monitor allows you to filter and view the reported monitoring data.

  3. Set alarm rules.

    Custom monitor provides the alarm function. After an alarm is triggered, it will be notified to the contacts of the associated application group.

    To set an alarm rule:

    a. Log in to the Cloud Monitor console and choose Custom Monitor > Alarm in the left navigation pane.

    b. Click Create Alarm.

    c. Configure the alarm name, policy information, and notification receivers.


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