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Last updated:2020-12-28 14:55:22

Project and LogPool

Item Description
Project A single user can create up to 50 projects.
LogPool A single project can contain up to 200 LogPools.
Partition A single LogPool can contain up to 64 partitions.
Partition adjustment You can modify the number of partitions for at most three times per day. Modification is not supported until 5 hours after the last modification.
Storage period Log data can be stored for up to 3,000 days.

Log data

Item Description
LogGroup The data volume of a LogGroup cannot exceed 3 MB or 4,096 logs.
Value The value in each log cannot exceed 1 MB.
Key-value pair The number of key-value pairs in each log cannot exceed 1,000.

Note: A request fails if one of the conditions is not met.

Log query

Item Description
Query concurrency A single project supports up to 15 concurrent queries.
Data size of a single column The data size of a single column in the returned query result cannot exceed 2,048 bytes. The excessive data is truncated.
Data records returned An SQL query returns 200 data records by default. If you want more data to be returned, add a LIMIT clause. An SQL query with a LIMIT clause can return up to 1,000 data records.
Nested query An SQL query with a subquery is not supported.
JOIN query An SQL query with a JOIN clause is not supported.
GROUP BY A GROUP BY clause supports up to five dimensions.


Item Description
Dashboard A single project can contain up to 50 dashboards.
Chart A single dashboard can contain up to 20 charts.


Item Description
Alarm rule A single user can create up to 100 alarm rules.
Time span The time span of data queried for an alarm rule cannot exceed 24 hours.
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