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What is Kingsoft Cloud Log Service?

Last updated:2020-12-28 14:55:16

What is Kingsoft Cloud Log Service?

Kingsoft Cloud Log Service (KLog) is a one-stop service for managing log data. It provides a variety of features such as log collection, storage, processing, query, analysis, delivery, consumption, alarming, monitoring, and visual reports to help you improve operations and maintenance (O&M) efficiency. You can easily get started with KLog within five minutes and enjoy stable, reliable, and intelligent log services without worrying about resource scaling.
Note: The architecture includes the KLog features that have been released and KLog features that will be released. For more information about the released KLog features, see the Features section.


Note: The following features have been released in KLog.

Log collection
  • Different data collection modes: KLog allows you to upload log data in real time by using the application programming interface (API). For more information, see PutLogs. KLog will support more data collection modes, such as the Kingsoft Cloud-developed log collection agent and open source agents.
  • Efficient and reliable data collection: KLog supports traffic control to ensure transmission stability and efficiency. KLog also supports data encryption and user authentication to ensure transmission security and reliability.
Query and analysis
  • KLog supports extensive query syntax that allows you to perform full-text queries, key-value queries, and fuzzy queries. In addition, KLog supports Structured Query Language (SQL) query syntax.
  • KLog features fast response and can return hundred millions of data records within seconds. You can query data immediately after the data is written to KLog.
Data visualization
  • KLog allows you to generate visual charts such as tables, line charts, and pie charts from query and analysis results.
  • KLog allows you to add multiple charts to a dashboard and manage the charts on the dashboard.
Real-time alarming
  • Various alarm configurations: KLog provides various alarm configuration items, including the check frequency, trigger condition, threshold, and notification interval. KLog supports real-time alarm notifications by short message service (SMS) and email.
  • Diverse data expressions: KLog supports different operators, including basic arithmetic operators, logical operators, and relational operators. KLog also allows you to combine multiple expressions.


  • Project: the basic unit of business organization. You can create multiple projects by using your Kingsoft Cloud account based on your business requirements. You can add users to different projects to implement multi-user collaboration and manage resources by project.
  • LogPool: the minimum storage unit of KLog. A project can contain multiple LogPools.
  • LogGroup: the log data that is sent in a single request. LogGroup is the basic unit in which the API reads and writes data.
  • Partition: the minimum read and write unit of KLog. A LogPool can contain up to 64 partitions.
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