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Last updated:2020-12-28 14:55:19

Extensive features

KLog provides extensive features for users, such as log collection, storage, processing, query, analysis, delivery, consumption, alarming, monitoring, and visual reports. These features cover all O&M and business operation scenarios related to log data. KLog supports a variety of data collection modes. KLog provides the Kingsoft Cloud-developed agent and is compatible with mainstream third-party agents. KLog also supports real-time data collection by using the API and software development kit (SDK). KLog supports extensive query syntax that allows you to perform full-text queries, keyword queries, and SQL queries.

Ease of use and high efficiency

KLog allows you to configure data collection on a graphical user interface (GUI) without performing any coding. KLog automatically monitors the data collection process from multiple dimensions. KLog allows you to define query statements, charts, and alarm rules to meet personal requirements.

Security and reliability

KLog stores your log data in multiple replicas to ensure high data reliability. KLog provides comprehensive permission management to ensure data access security. In addition, KLog adopts a distributed storage architecture that is highly scalable. It supports horizontal scaling to easily cope with massive amounts of log data.

Low cost

Compared with an on-premises log management system, KLog significantly reduces your investment in system development and O\&M labor force. KLog supports the Pay-As-You-Go billing mode and resource packages and allows you to select a billing method based on your business requirements.

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