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Monitoring overview

Last updated:2020-12-24 15:33:14

The overview page of the Cloud Monitor Service console displays cloud service resource usage, alarms, and resource costs.


Resource Overview

The Resource Overview section displays the overall usage of cloud service resources under your account, including the total number of resources and the number of unhandled alarms for services such as KEC, KRDS, EIP, and SLB, allowing you to obtain the overall running status of the services.

You can click the number of resources to go to the corresponding service monitoring page.

Alarm Counts and Recent Alarm Events

The Alarm Counts section displays the total number of resource alarms for each service in the last 7, 15, and 30 days. You can view resource alarms for each service.

The Recent Alarm Events section displays the latest five alarm events, including alarm generation and alarm handling events.

Cost Optimization

The Cost Optimization feature helps you identify service instances with low utilization, so that you can confirm the business status and adjust resources based on the running status. Currently, the Cost Optimization feature provides resource calculation for only KEC and KRDS services.

Set checking rules

  1. Go to the Overview page of the KCM console.

  2. Select the service for which the cost needs to be monitored and click Check Metric.

  3. Set your checking rules. Instances that match the rules in the last 14 days are filtered out.


  4. On the Overview page, view instances filtered out based on the rules or click Export to export the instance data.


Subscribe to data

  1. Click Subscribe to Data.


  2. Set the cycle to receive statistic data (weekly or monthly), and specify the email address for receiving the data.
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