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Intelligent O&M

Last updated:2022-01-11 13:43:09

Kingsoft Cloud Elasticsearch Service (KES) provides the intelligent operations and maintenance (O&M) feature to check the cluster health. This feature allows you to check the health status and detect risks for KES clusters, nodes, and indexes. This way, you adjust the cluster to the optimal state in a timely manner to ensure cluster stability.

Cluster diagnostics

Go to the Intelligent O&M page of a KES cluster and click Diagnose Now on the Cluster Status tab to deliver a command to diagnose the cluster health. During the diagnosis, the cluster is in the Taking Effect state. Each diagnosis takes about 1 minute. The initial diagnosis takes a longer time. We recommend that you deliver a diagnosis command in off-peak hours.

View diagnosis results

Overview of diagnosis results

The Cluster Status tab provides an overview of the diagnosis result statistics within the latest week (seven calendar days). The overview displays the latest health status of the current KES cluster.

Details of diagnosis results

The system saves the latest ten diagnostic records. In a diagnostic report, you can view the detailed result of each diagnosis. If a diagnostic item indicates an abnormality, the system provides descriptions and suggestions for you to better use the current KES cluster.

Description of diagnosis results

The intelligent O&M feature displays the health status of cluster detection items in three colors: red, yellow, and green.

  • Red: A major fault or a severe risk is detected for the cluster detection item. Your use of the cluster has been affected. You must immediately process the fault or risk. Otherwise, data loss may occur, or the cluster may fail to work properly.
  • Yellow: A fault or risk is detected for the cluster detection item. Your use of the cluster may be affected. You must process the fault or risk as soon as possible.
  • Green: The cluster detection item is healthy.
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