Cluster scale-out

Last updated:2022-01-11 13:43:17

  1. Log in to the Kingsoft Cloud Elasticsearch Service (KES) console.

  2. In the KES cluster list, find the cluster that you want to scale out and click the cluster name to go to the Cluster Details page.

  3. In the left navigation pane, click Cluster Scale-out. On the Cluster Scale-out page that appears, scale out the cluster as needed. You can scale out only one node group at a time. You do not need to restart the cluster to make the scale-out take effect. You can scale out only clusters in the Running state.

    The following table describes the scale-out instructions on each type of node group.

Node type Description
Data node group You can increase the number of nodes in this group.
Master node group A master node group contains three nodes by default. You cannot increase the number of nodes in a master node group. You can create more master node groups as needed. However, this operation may lead to risks. To reduce risks, submit a ticket to ask a professional O&M engineer to perform this operation.
Coordinator node group You can increase the number of nodes in a coordinator node group and create more coordinator node groups as needed.
Warm node group You can increase the number of nodes in a warm node group and create more warm node groups as needed.

Note: If the billing mode is Subscription, the expiration time of a cluster after scale-out does not change. The scale-out resources are charged by day. If the billing mode of a cluster is Subscription, you cannot scale out the cluster on the last day in the validity period.

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