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Last updated:2022-01-11 13:43:09

The Visualize page allows you to create controls to virtualize data queried by Kingsoft Cloud Elasticsearch Service (KES). You can create a dashboard to display all your visualization controls.

Step 1: Click Visualize in the left navigation pane and then the Add (+) icon


Step 2: Select a view type

In this example, Line is selected.


Step 3: Select indexes or index patterns to be associated with the view


Step 4: Set metrics and buckets based on service needs

If you use charts, lines, or area charts to virtualize data, measurement metrics are displayed in the Y-axis and buckets are displayed in the X-axis. Buckets are similar to the GROUP BY statement in SQL query. If you use pie charts to virtualize data, the shard size is the metric and the shard quantity is the bucket. Data can be further sorted based on specified sub-aggregations. The parent aggregation determines the sequence of sub-aggregations in a data set. You can drag and drop a sub-aggregation to change its sequence in the data set.


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