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Last updated:2022-01-11 13:43:23

Kingsoft Cloud-Documentation-Pricing Pricing Pricing

This topic describes how to purchase Kingsoft Cloud Elasticsearch Service (KES) clusters and the billing modes and billing items of KES.

Purchase method

  1. Log in to the KES console.

  2. On the Cluster Management page, click Create Cluster.

Billing modes

Billing mode Subscription Pay-By-Daily-Config Pay-As-You-Go Pay-By-Daily-Config (Trial)
Settlement Prepaid Postpaid Instant settlement Trial quota
Billing unit CNY/month CNY/day, usage less than one day calculated as one day CNY/hour, accurate to seconds CNY/day, usage less than one day calculated as one day
Scenario Fixed 24/7 service Fixed 24/7 service, burst traffic, or temporary scaling tests Sudden business demand Trial use
On-demand release Not supported Supported Supported Supported


Subscription is a prepaid billing mode. You must pay KES fees for one or more months or years at a time before the service can be used.

This billing mode applies to scenarios in which the service demand is estimated in advance. The price of this billing mode is lower than that of the Pay-As-You-Go billing mode. However, resources cannot be released on demand.


Pay-By-Daily-Config is a postpaid billing mode. Resources are billed per day, and you pay the bill monthly. Any usage less than one day will be calculated as one day.

This billing mode applies to fixed 24/7 services, traffic bursts, or temporary scaling tests. It supports on-demand release of resources, and the price is slightly higher than that of the Subscription billing mode.


Pay-As-You-Go is a flexible billing mode. Resources are billed per second, and no upfront payment is needed. The bill is paid every hour on the hour.

This billing mode applies scenarios where the service demand sharply fluctuates, such as flash sales on e-commerce websites. The unit price is higher than that of the Pay-By-Daily-Config billing mode.

Pay-By-Daily-Config (Trial)

Before the trial, confirm with your Kingsoft Cloud account manager that your account has been granted the trial permission and sufficient trial quotas. The trial period is up to 14 days. To extend the trial period, contact your Kingsoft Cloud account manager.

Billing items

You can create a KES cluster by selecting one of the following models: Elastic Block Storage (EBS), Local SSD, and Elastic Physical Compute (EPC).

When you purchase a KES cluster, the system automatically purchases and creates KEC instances, EPC instances, and EBS volumes or KEC instances with local high-performance SSDs based on the cluster configurations that you specify. These instances or volumes are purchased in the same billing mode as that of the KES cluster. You do not need to prepare them in advance.

You can purchase EIPs to enable Internet access. When you create a KES cluster, you can create an EIP that uses Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and provides a bandwidth of 1 Mbit/s. You are charged for the EIP accordingly.

If your account enjoys discounts for the KEC, EBS, EPC, and EIP services, the discounts are automatically applied when you create a KES cluster.

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