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What is Kingsoft Cloud Elasticsearch Service?

Last updated:2022-01-11 13:43:23

Elasticsearch is a distributed search and analysis engine that is built on Apache Lucene and supports RESTful APIs. Elasticsearch features low memory consumption, fast search, and strong scalability. It provides near-real-time storage, search, and analysis features that allow you to manage ultra-large datasets.

Kingsoft Cloud Elasticsearch Service (KES) is a cost-effective, highly available, cloud-based, and fully managed Elasticsearch service built on open source Elasticsearch. It is integrated with Elasticsearch 5.6.16, 6.8.4, and 7.4.2, Kibana, and common plug-ins. Based on the compatibility and openness that are inherited from open source Elasticsearch, KES provides enterprise-class security control, monitoring and alerting, and abundant cluster management features. KES supports a variety of computing specifications and storage media. KES allows you to quickly deploy, flexibly upgrade, easily manage, and securely use the Elasticsearch service. KES also applies to a variety of business scenarios, such as search service, log analysis, and performance monitoring.

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