Cluster status

Last updated:2022-01-11 13:43:17

Cluster status

  • Running: The cluster has been created, and is not scaled out, changed in configuration, or restarted. You can normally access and use this cluster.
  • Taking Effect: A cluster operation is in progress, such as creation, configuration change, scale-out, and restart. Within this period of time, you cannot perform other operations on the cluster. Access to certain services, such as Kibana, data store, and data query, may be affected.
  • Abnormal: Exceptions occur in cluster operations, such as scale-out, configuration change, and restart. O&M engineers are required to troubleshoot the faults.
  • Freeze: The cluster expires and is frozen.
  • Release: The cluster service has gone offline, and resources are released. Clusters in the Taking Effect and Abnormal states cannot be released.

Service status

  • Green: The cluster is normal.
  • Yellow: Alarms of the cluster are reported, and some replica shards are unavailable.
  • Red: Exceptions occur on the cluster, and some primary shards are unavailable.

For more information, see Cluster Health.

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