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Last updated:2022-03-04 10:32:24

KES provides intelligent O&M for cluster health check. The intelligent O&M feature allows you to check the health status and potential risks of clusters, nodes, and indexes from multiple dimensions. Then, you can adjust clusters to the optimal status as soon as possible to ensure their stability.

Diagnose a cluster

On the Intelligent O&M page of a cluster, click Diagnose Now to issue a cluster health diagnosis command. During the diagnosis, the cluster is in the Taking Effect state. Each diagnosis takes about 1 minute, and the initial diagnosis takes a little longer. We recommend that you issue a diagnosis command during off-peak hours.

View diagnosis results

Diagnosis summary

The intelligent diagnosis homepage displays the summary of the diagnosis results in the past week (7 calendar days), allowing you to clearly view the recent health status of the cluster.

Diagnosis details

The system retains the latest 10 diagnoses records. In the diagnosis report, you can view the details about each diagnosis. If a diagnosis item is abnormal, the description and suggestion are provided to help you resolve the issue.

Diagnosis results

The intelligent O&M feature shows the health status of the cluster diagnosis items in three colors:

  • Red: The diagnosis item encounters a serious issue or risk that has affected your use. The issue must be dealt with immediately. Otherwise, data loss or cluster failure may occur.
  • Yellow: The diagnosis item encounters a major issue or risk that may affect your use. We recommend that you deal with the issue as soon as possible.
  • Green: The diagnosis item is normal.

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