Configure X-Pack

Last updated:2022-03-04 10:32:24

KES is integrated with X-Pack that provides security features such as encrypted communication, role-based access control, file-based and native authentication, Kibana Spaces, Kibana feature control, and API key management.

X-Pack is supported only in Elasticsearch 6.8 or later. X-Pack improves the data access security for KES clusters. For more information, see Protect your data in Elastic Stack. You can access a KES cluster only after your username and password are authenticated. Authentication is required for all access methods, including Kibana, client, and API.



  1. You can enable or disable X-Pack.
  2. You can enable X-Pack only when the cluster is in the Running state.
  3. After X-Pack is enabled, the cluster is automatically restarted for the configuration to take effect. During the restart, the cluster is unavailable. Therefore, carefully choose the time for enabling X-Pack.

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