Step 5 Modify DNS settings

Last updated:2021-07-30 11:39:18

To make your KAD configuration take effect, you must add a DNS record on your DNS server. Take Kingsoft Cloud DNS as an example. You can refer to this example, or consult your DNS service provider to add a DNS record.


KAD instances support CNAME and IP access modes. If you select IP, skip this procedure. If you select CNAME, perform the following steps to add a DNS record.


  1. Log in to the KAD console.
  2. Select the target KAD instance from the KAD instance list.
  3. In the lower part of the page, click the Layer 7 Config tab.
  4. Find the required resource record, and copy the generated CNAME value.
  5. Log in to the DNS console, and select a domain name. On the Record Management tab in the lower part of the page, click Add Record.
  6. In the Add Record dialog box that appears, set Record Name to the name of the resource record configured in KAD and Record Type to CNAME, and paste the CNAME value to Record Value.
  7. Click OK to add the DNS record.
  8. After the DNS settings take effect, go back to the KAD console. If the status of this resource record is changed to Connected, the CNAME configuration takes effect.

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