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Purchase modes

Last updated:2021-07-30 11:39:24

Kingsoft Cloud Advanced Defense (KAD) supports two billing approaches: Elasticity and By Times. You can select the one that suits your needs when you purchase a KAD instance.


  • Basic protection capability: If you choose the Elasticity approach, you must specify the basic anti-DDoS capability and the highest capability. When the actual attack traffic exceeds the basic anti-DDoS capability but is within the highest capability, KAD will continue protecting the target domain name without applying the black hole policy.
  • Elastic billing: The peak bandwidth that exceeds the specified basic anti-DDoS capability is billed in tiered pricing on a daily basis. The peak bandwidth contains the basic anti-DDoS bandwidth. Traffic below the specified basic DDoS capability incurs no elastic fee.
  • Billing mode: Pay-By-Daily-Config + One-Time Fee Postpaid (excessive bandwidth for back-to-origin traffic).

By Times

  • The By Times approach is subject to one-time payment. It does not support trial or refund.
  • You can purchase packages in combination. For example, you can purchase 12 months of 100 Gbit/s protection with unlimited usage times plus a one-time package of 300 Gbit/s protection. CC protection is subject to the highest package purchased. If you purchase two one-time protection packages, you can get 50 Mbit/s back-to-origin bandwidth for free.
  • If you purchase three or more one-time protection packages or unlimited protection, you can get 100 Mbit/s back-to-origin bandwidth for free.
  • The bandwidth of one-time protection indicates the maximum protection for 24 hours since an attack occurred.
  • Excessive protection bandwidth will be billed monthly.
  • Billing mode: Pay-By-Daily-Config + One-Time Fee Postpaid (excessive bandwidth for back-to-origin traffic).


  • Anti-DDoS Capability: The bandwidth of attack traffic covered by the protection package that you have purchased.
  • Peak Attack Traffic: The maximum real-time network traffic generated when the website protected by KAD is attacked.
  • Back-to-Origin Bandwidth: The bandwidth for directing normal access traffic to the origin server after attack traffic is filtered out by KAD.
  • Port/Domain Package: The number of ports or resource records (forwarding rules) that can be configured for a KAD instance.
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