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Trial description

Last updated:2021-07-30 11:39:24

For better user experience, KAD provides a 3-day trial duration for new users.

The protection capacity is up to 30 Gbit/s for different link types.


  • If you are under attack, Kingsoft Cloud cannot provide the KAD trial service for you.
  • In the trial period, 50 port or domain packages (the number of configurable Layer 7 or Layer 4 forwarding rules) and 50 Mbit/s back-to-origin bandwidth for normal traffic will be provided free of charge. The bandwidth will be limited for the part that exceeds 50 Mbit/s. If you need a larger bandwidth, you must convert the trial instance to a formal instance. After you convert the instance, the back-to-origin bandwidth will no longer be limited.
  • Convert the trial KAD instance to a formal instance before the trial period expires. After a KAD instance expires, it will stop providing services and cannot be used anymore. The resources of a KAD instance will be retained for seven days after the expiration of the instance. The instance will be deleted and its resources will be released if you fail to renew it within these seven days.
  • Trial is not supported for instances that are subject to the By Times approach.
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