Step 3 Configure the CIDR blocks that are allowed

Last updated:2021-07-30 11:39:24

If you have configured a strict whitelist when using the KAD service, some back-to-origin traffic may be blocked. To avoid this problem, we recommend that you add the CIDR blocks of KAD to your whitelist.


After you connect a website to a KAD instance, all access requests to or from this website will be forwarded to the KAD instance and the traffic will be scrubbed before it can be redirected to the origin server. The process of forwarding traffic to the origin server through the KAD instance is referred to as back-to-origin.

CIDR blocks of KAD


Note: Perform the following steps if your origin server is deployed on Kingsoft Cloud.

  1. Access the Security Group (Firewall) page in to the VPC console, and select the VPC where the origin server is located.
  2. Select the security group that you want to modify. In the lower part of the page, click the Inbound Rules tab.
  3. Click Edit Inbound Rule. On the page that appears, click Add.
  4. Set parameters such as the protocol, start port, and end port, and click OK. The new security group rule is displayed in the rule list.

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