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Last updated:2021-11-15 20:30:32

Kingsoft Cloud File Storage (KFS) supports the following billing modes: Pay-As-You-Go and resource package.


KFS charges fees based on your actual storage use. The billing cycle is an hour. Fees are charged per hour based on the peak storage usage within the hour.

Pricing details

Region Type Monthly unit price Hourly unit price
CN North 1(Beijing) Capacity-based file storage CNY 0.35 per GB per month CNY 0.00048 per GB per hour
CN East 1(Shanghai) Capacity-based file storage CNY 0.35 per GB per month CNY 0.00048 per GB per hour
CN South 1(Guangzhou) Capacity-based file storage CNY 0.35 per GB per month CNY 0.00048 per GB per hour


You have 35 Kingsoft Cloud Elastic Compute (KEC) instances that share two file systems: A and B. File system A is used as a regular data storage, and no data is written to this file system. The capacity is 1,000 GB. File system B is used as a shared data storage and supports various data operations such as writes, deletes, modifications, and queries. The peak storage usage within an hour is 400 GB.

You are charged in this hour based on the following formula: (1,000 + 400) GB × CNY 0.00048 per GB = CNY 0.672.

Resource package

  • The storage quota in a KFS resource package can offset the actual storage usage of a file system. If the usage exceeds the storage quota of the resource package, extra usage is charged in Pay-As-You-Go mode. A KFS resource package immediately takes effect after it is purchased and offsets the Pay-As-You-Go bill in the current hour.
  • The validity period of a KFS resource package can be 1, 6, or 12 months. The longer the validity period, the more the discount.
  • KFS resource packages are available for sale in the CN North 1(Beijing) and CN East 1(Shanghai) regions. Purchase KFS resource packages in the region of your Pay-As-You-Go KFS file systems.
  • If a valid KFS resource package exists, you cannot purchase another KFS resource package. You can upgrade or renew the existing KFS resource package as required.
  • For more information about how to purchase, view, and renew resource packages, see Resource packages.

Pricing details

The pricing rules for the CN North 1(Beijing) and CN East 1(Shanghai) regions are the same. The following table describes the prices of KFS resource packages with different validity periods. The price is in CNY. Capacity 1 month 6 months (including 1 free month) 12 months (including 3 free months)
100 GB 30.00 149.40 270
500 GB 150.00 747.00 1,350
1 TB 307.00 1,528.86 2,763.00
5 TB 1,536.00 7649.28 13,824.00
6 TB 1,842.00 9,173.16 16,578.00
10 TB 3,072.00 15,298.56 27,648.00
30 TB 9,216.00 45,895.68 82,944.00
50 TB 15,360.00 76,492.80 138,240.00
100 TB 30,720.00 152,985.60 276,480.00
200 TB 61,440.00 305,971.20 552,960.00


You purchased a 500 GB resource package in the CN North 1 (Beijing) region at 12:00 on August 14, 2021. The validity period of the resource package is one month. In the billing cycle of 12:00 on August 14 to 13:00 on September 14, you used 800 GB of a KFS file system in the CN North 1(Beijing) region. In this case, you are charged based on the following rules:

  • The first 500 GB is offset by the quota of your resource package and does not incur any fees.
  • The remaining 300 GB is billed in Pay-As-You-Go mode.
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