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Last updated:2021-11-15 20:30:32


Kingsoft Cloud File Storage (KFS) is a public cloud storage service that provides standard NFS and CIFS interfaces for Kingsoft Cloud computing services such as KEC, EPC, and KCE. KFS features large capacity, high performance, storage sharing, and high stability.

Mount target

Each file system has a mount target, which is a destination IP address in an endpoint subnet of a VPC. You can specify the IP address of a mount target to mount the file system to a local computing node.

File system

A file system works as a directory in the operating system of a computing node after the file system is mounted to the computing node. You can create, modify, and delete files in the directory, and read data from or write data to the files.


Network File System (NFS) is a network file system access protocol applied to distributed file systems. NFS enables you to share data across devices and operating systems over network. After you install NFS clients on multiple instances and mount a file system to them, you can share files across the instances. We recommend that you use the NFS protocol on Linux clients.


Common Internet File System (CIFS) is a network file system access protocol that enables you to share files across Windows devices over network. We recommend that you use the CIFS protocol on Windows clients.

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