Last updated:2021-11-15 20:30:32

The Kingsoft Cloud File Storage (KFS) service is now available. The following table describes the limits of KFS.

Item Description Method of extending the limit
Maximum capacity of each file system 400 TB Submit a ticket
Maximum number of file systems that each user can create 10 Submit a ticket
Maximum number of mount targets supported by each file system 1 None
Cross-region file system mounting Not supported by default (file system mounting across availability zones in the same region is supported). To achieve cross-region mounting, use VPC and Peering. None
Supported regions and availability zones Availability zone A in CN North 1(Beijing), availability zone B in CN East 1(Shanghai), and availability zone A in CN South 1(Guangzhou) Submit a ticket
Supported subnets Only endpoint subnets are supported None

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