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Out-of-band management

Last updated:2021-05-08 15:00:59

An out-of-band network is a dedicated management network independent of the data network. You can connect to the out-of-band network through SSL VPN and manage your EPC instances by using the out-of-band management system to solve problems quickly in the event of the data network failure or equipment downtime.

Step 1: Go to the Out-of-Band Management page

  1. Log in to the EPC console. In the left navigation pane, click Out-of-Band Management.

  2. Select the phone number for logging in to EPC, enter the verification code and PIN code in the dialog box that appears, and then click Login.

Step 2: Download a certificate

  1. Go to the Out-of-Band Management page, and click Download Certificate.

  2. On the Download Certificate page that appears, click OK.

  3. On the page for creating a download task, click Save.

Step 3: Download and install the client

  1. On the Out-of-Band Management page, click Download Client.

  2. On the Download Client page that appears, click the version you want to download.

  3. On the page that appears, click Save.

  4. When the download is completed, find the client file and double-click the file to open it. The installation process appears. Click Next.

    Alt text

  5. Click I Agree.

    Alt text

  6. Click Next.

    Alt text

  7. Select the destination folder and click Install.

    Alt text

  8. Wait for the installation to complete.

    Alt text

  9. After the installation is completed, click Next.

    Alt text

  10. Click Finish.

    Alt text

Step 4: Place the certificate downloaded in the appropriate folder

  1. Locate the folder in which the certificate is downloaded in Step 2.

  2. Open the folder and copy/cut two subfiles.

  3. Locate the destination folder in which the client is downloaded.

    Note: The destination folder in which the client is downloaded is the Destination Folder in Step 3.

  4. Open the folder config and paste two subfiles you just copy/cut in this folder.

    Note: After above steps are completed, open Settings in OpenVPN GUI.

    Alt text

    Click Advanced. Check whether the Folder of Configuration Files and Log Files is consistent with that in previous operations.

    Alt text

Step 5: Open Connect OpenVPN.

  1. Enter your username and password and click OK.

    Alt text

    Alt text

    Note: You can find your username and password on the Out-of-Band Management page.

  2. The connection is successful and the icon turns green.

    Alt text

    Now you can open ILOIP on the Out-of-Band Management page.

Step 6: Add out-of-band management phones

  1. On the Out-of-Band Management page, click Manage Out-of-Band Phones.

  2. Click Add Phone Number, fill in the name, new mobile phone number and PIN on the page that appears, and then click OK.
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