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Regions and availability zones

Last updated:2021-05-08 15:00:58

Regions and availability zones refer to the locations of Kingsoft Cloud data centers. You can purchase an EPC instance in a specific region and availability zone.

A region is a separate geographical area. In a region, multiple data centers isolated from each other exist. These data centers are called availability zones.

Regions are completely independent of each other, which allows for maximum fault tolerance and stability. Each availability zone is also independent, but availability zones in the same region are connected through a low-latency link on the internal network.

You can purchase EPC instances in different avalability zones. It is recommended that you deploy your business in different availability zones to avoid service unavailability caused by a single point of failure.

The following table describes the regions and availability zones where EPC is sold.

Region Availability zone
CN North 1(Beijing) A, B, C, D
CN East 1(Shanghai) A, B
CN South 1(Guangzhou) A


Regions of Kingsoft Cloud are completely isolated from each other to ensure maximum stability and fault tolerance. Currently, the following regions are supported: CN North 1(Beijing), CN East 1(Shanghai), and CN South 1(Guangzhou). More regions will become available to cover more nodes. It is recommended that you choose the region closest to your customers to reduce the access latency and increase the download speed.

  • By default, EPC instances between different regions cannot communicate through the internal network, but you can apply for Peering to achieve communication.
  • SLB can only be bound to EPC instances in the same VPC.

Availability zones

Availability zones refer to physical data centers with the power supply and network isolated in the same region. The goal is to isolate the failure between availability zones (except for major disasters or major power failures) to avoid the failure pervasion, so your business will be always on. By starting instances within multiple availability zones, you can protect your applications from being affected by the failure in a single location.

When you purchase an EPC instance, you can specify any availability zone within a specific region. When you need to design a highly reliable architecture to ensure that the service can be provided normally if a specific physical server or cluster fails, you can deploy the instance across availability zones.

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