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What is Elastic Physical Compute?

Last updated:2021-05-08 15:00:58

Kingsoft Cloud Elastic Physical Compute (EPC) provides on-demand, pay-as-you-go physical server leasing and hosting services, and provides high-performance, isolated physical server clusters dedicated for the cloud environment. EPC helps you build and expand high-performance applications quickly through secure, stable, and convenient computing services. You only need to determine the configuration and number of EPC instances, reducing the deployment and delivery time of the standard type to 30 minutes. Additionally, the provisioning, operations and maintenance (O&M) of physical servers will be performed by Kingsoft Cloud, helping you save time and costs.

Compared with self-built data centers, you can build your private cloud faster with Kingsoft Cloud EPC. Additionally, Kingsoft Cloud provides services such as Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Server Load Balancing (SLB), NAT gateway, O&M, monitoring, and security protection.

EPC leasing is an exclusive physical server leasing service that provides actual physical server performance without CPU preemption and virtualization performance loss.


  • Instances: Physical computing resources on the cloud.
  • Regions and availability zones: Data centers where EPC instances are located.
  • Instance types: Various configurations of CPU, memory, storage, and networking capacity for EPC instances.
  • IP addresses: Private IP addresses provide internal services, and elastic IP addresses provide external services.
  • Kingsoft Cloud EPC console: A web-based operation interface for the EPC service.
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