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Web service content management

KFS features high reliability and high throughput. KFS can be used to manage diverse types of web service content and store data for applications such as websites, online release platforms, and archiving systems.


Enterprise file sharing

KFS allows employees to access the shared files of enterprises such as installation packages, documents, and drivers from different terminals. This helps branch office employees access centralized data. Enterprise administrators can use KFS to create file systems accessible to branch office employees.


Container application

Kingsoft Cloud Container Engine (KCE) runs in your private network. The high-quality Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) network ensures fast image upload and download. KCE allows you to start a large number of containers within seconds. This boosts deployment efficiency. A shared file system is required for containers that need to access the raw data upon each startup. KFS can provide such shared space, and therefore is ideal for container storage.

Big data application

KFS provides the features that are required by big data applications, such as high throughput, vast storage capacity, and read/write consistency. KFS provides standard file interfaces and file semantics such as file locks. KFS is suitable for workloads that use file interfaces for interaction, such as server log processing and analysis.


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