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Last updated:2021-08-30 17:19:27

Billing mode

Kingsoft Cloud Container Instance (KCI) is billed based on the specifications of your container instances and the amount of time you run the container instances, in seconds. The billing starts when the docker pull command is executed to download a container image, and stops when an instance terminates, that is, when it enters the Succeeded or Failed state.

Billing items

CPU and memory usage

Bill calculation

Expense = (Number of CPU cores of the container group × Unit price + Memory size of the container group × Unit price) × Running duration


  • The expense is calculated by second, but charges are incurred by hour. For example, the bill for 10:00 to 11:00 will be generated somewhere before 12:00.
  • The minimum amount of a bill is USD 0.01. If your total expense in a billing cycle is less than USD 0.01, you will be charged USD 0.01.
  • Running duration refers to the time period that begins when the container group starts getting created and ends when it is no longer running. The running duration includes the period where the container group is being created and the period where it is running. The billing stops the moment the container group enters the Succeeded or Failed state.


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