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Storage volume

Last updated:2021-08-30 17:22:08

Kingsoft Cloud Container Instance (KCI) supports the following types of data volumes:

  • EmptyDir
  • ConfigFile
  • EBS


An EmptyDir can be accessed by all containers in a container instance. You can use an EmptyDir to share data between different containers in a container instance.


  • An EmptyDir is a temporary storage volume. When you delete a container instance where an EmptyDir is mounted, the data stored in the EmptyDir will also be deleted.
  • An EmptyDir is 10 GB in size.


You can use a ConfigFile to inject data into a container instance.



You can attach existing EBS volumes to a container instance. To create EBS volumes, you can use the EBS console or API.


  • Up to two EBS volumes can be attached to a container instance.
  • When you delete a container instance, the attached EBS volumes will not be deleted.
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