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Last updated:2020-04-28 17:38:53

Q: What is the difference between a dedicated KEC instance and a common KEC instance?

A: The configuration of a dedicated KEC instance is more flexible at the time of purchase. You can set vCPUs, memory, and data disks as needed within the available resources of the associated host. Currently, dedicated KEC instances do not support joining disaster tolerance groups and scheduling upgrades. Other functions of KEC instances are exactly the same as those of common KEC instances.

Q: Do I need to pay for dedicated KEC instances?

A: Kingsoft Cloud only charges dedicated hosts, and dedicated KEC instances created on the hosts are free. However, EIPs and EBS volumes mounted on dedicated KEC instances are charged.

Q: Do dedicated KEC instances support configuration downgrade?

A: Only vCPUs and memory but not data disks support configuration downgrade.

Q: Can a dedicated KEC instance be migrated between dedicated hosts?

A: Only migration between virtual machines of the same type is supported.

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