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Last updated:2021-03-16 19:45:13


You can exclusively use the host resources, and plan and allocate computing and storage resource pools on demand. This helps you understand resource usage.


You can plan configurations of your dedicated KEC instances, and flexibly create and delete dedicated host resources at any time.


Your resources are physically isolated from resources of other tenants. This ensures protection of sensitive business data and meets the requirements of strong supervision in the financial industry.


You can centrally purchase and use required resources online without the need to purchase physical machines and invest in data center operations and maintenance (O&M). All of these benefits help you save costs to the maximum.


KDH is compatible with KEC, including image, snapshot, and security group features. It can be used together with other public cloud services such as Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Server Load Balancing (SLB), and Kingsoft Cloud Relational Database Service (KRDS).

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