Recycle bin

Last updated:2021-03-16 19:45:13

The recycle bin of dedicated KEC instances is located in KEC > Recycle Bin.

This topic describes the recycling mechanism of dedicated KEC instances.

  • After a dedicated KEC instance is deleted, it will enter the recycle bin if it has been created for more than one hour. Otherwise, it will not enter the recycle bin.

  • A dedicated KEC instance that enters the recycle bin will continue to be retained for two hours, during which recovery operations can be performed. After two hours, the dedicated KEC instance will be completely deleted and cannot be recovered.

  • During the recycling period, a dedicated KEC instance still occupies dedicated host resources.

  • After a dedicated KEC instance enters the recycle bin, the instance will be forcibly stopped, and the mounting relationship with SLB, EIP, EBS, and tags will be forcibly released. If the dedicated KEC instance is restored, its mounting relationship will not be restored and must be reestablished. Additionally, the KEC instance must be restarted in the KEC console.

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