View dedicated hosts

Last updated:2021-03-16 19:45:13

On the Dedicated Host page in the KDH console, you can click the name/ID of a dedicated host to view the details of the dedicated host.

The details of the dedicated host include basic host information and information about all dedicated KEC instances on the host.

On the Dedicated KEC Instance tab of the dedicated host details page, you can create or delete dedicated KEC instances. You can also perform more management operations on the dedicated KEC instances in the instance list. The instance management steps are as follows:

  1. Log in to the KDH console.
  2. On the Dedicated Host page, select the host where the instance to be managed resides, and then click Instance Management in the Operation column to enter the instance list.
  3. Perform specific operations on the instance, such as stopping the instance and reinstalling the system.

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