Create a dedicated host

Last updated:2021-03-16 19:45:13

This topic describes how to create a dedicated host. You can create up to five dedicated hosts per day under the same account, and each dedicated host supports up to 70 dedicated KEC instances.


  1. Log in to the KDH console.

  2. On the Dedicated Host page, click Create Dedicated Host.

  3. Set parameters such as Billing Mode, Data Center, Availability Zone, and Host Type, and then click Buy Now.

  4. Click Submit Order to complete the creation of the host.

Description of main parameters

  • Data Center and Availability Zone: Currently, KDH only supports the following availability zones: CN North 1(Beijing) Availability Zones A and B, CN East 1(Shanghai) Availability Zone B, and CN South 1(Guangzhou) Availability Zone A.

  • Series: A series refers to a collection of dedicated host types of the same hardware generation. Series 1 and Series 2 are provided. Series 2 provides higher performance than Series 1.

  • Host Type: Kingsoft Cloud provides different types of dedicated hosts, including Memory DR1, Computing DC1, Computing DC2, Standard DS2, and Geneal Purpose DN2. KEC instances created on DN2 dedicated hosts use EBS system and data disks.

  • vCPUs: You can customize the number of vCPUs. With overcommitment, one vCPU can appear as up to three vCPUs.

  • Quantity: You can create up to five dedicated hosts at a time.

  • Cluster: A dedicated host can be assigned to a cluster with the same host type. By default, no cluster is specified.

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