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Last updated:2020-04-28 17:38:53

KDH specifications involve vCPUs, memory, and disks, which are described in the following table. You can purchase KDH resources on the buy page of the KDH console.

Model CPU Type vCPUs CPU Frequency Memory (DDR4) Data Disk
Memory DR1 Xeon-E5 2690 V4 56 2.6 GHz 490 GB 6,633 GB
Computing DC1 Xeon-E5 2690 V4 56 2.6 GHz 116 GB 1,000 GB
Standard DS2 Xeon Gold 6132 56 2.6 GHz 356 GB 5,900 GB
Computing DC2 Xeon-E5 2690 V4 56 2.6 GHz 108 GB 800 GB
General Purpose DN2 Xeon Platinum 8168 96 2.7 GHz 734 GB SSD EBS
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