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Last updated:2020-12-02 17:27:44

KRDS core benefits

  • High availability: KRDS instances are deployed in active/standby mode and support automatic fault monitoring and detection. KRDS can automatically complete failover upon a fault. The failover process is imperceptible to the business layer.
  • High reliability: KRDS synchronously replicates data from an active instance to a standby instance to ensure high data reliability. You can back up data at any time of your choice. Manual backup is supported. You can restore data to a precise time point.
  • High performance: KRDS stores all data on Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) solid-state drives (SSDs). KRDS supports the separation of writes and reads. You can create multiple read-only instances to balance loads.
  • High security: KRDS provides kernel-level instance isolation. You can create instances on both the basic network and virtual private clouds (VPCs). In both network environments, KRDS uses security groups to control access to your instances. Access to a KRDS instance is allowed only when the rules defined by the security groups are satisfied.
  • Out-of-the-box service that supports quick activation: You can focus on your business without worrying about tasks such as hardware provisioning, deployment, configuration, resource utilization, scaling, and operations and maintenance (O&M).
  • On-demand purchase and elastic scaling: You can purchase the KRDS service with the configuration and price that best suit your needs. If your business grows after purchase, you can scale your instances with only a few clicks. The scaling process is imperceptible to the business layer.
  • Comprehensive monitoring: You can monitor various metrics such as data access, resource utilization, and system workload. The monitoring data helps you make better decisions about database performance optimization.
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