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Set parameters

Last updated:2020-12-02 17:27:46

Set parameters

Log in to the KRDS for MySQL console and click Parameter Group in the left navigation pane. A parameter group is a parameter configuration template. You can apply a parameter group to an instance to apply the settings of all the parameters in the group to the instance at a time. On the Parameter Group page, you can create, edit, or delete parameter groups.

Manage parameter groups

  • Create a parameter group
  • You can create a parameter group on the Parameter Group page.


    Click Create Parameter Group to go to the page for configuring the details of a parameter group.


  • Apply a parameter group
  • Select a parameter group and click Apply.

    参数配置3.png 参数配置4.png Select the instance to which you want to apply the parameter group, and click Apply.

  • Edit a parameter group
  • Click Edit in the Operation column for a parameter group and edit the parameter group.


  • Delete a parameter group
  • Note: After a parameter group is deleted, the instances to which this parameter group is applied still retain the parameter configuration of this parameter group.


    Set parameters for an instance

    Go to the details page of an instance, click Parameter Configuration in the left navigation pane, and then set parameters for the instance.


    To modify parameter configuration, click Modify and modify the parameters.


    Click Generate New Parameter Group. In the dialog box that appears, select Create Parameter Group or Overwrite Existing Parameter Group, enter the parameter group name, and then click Confirm.


    Click Save. The original parameter group is overwritten.


    You can click Apply Parameter Group to apply a parameter group to the instance.



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